Home Additions

Reasons to consider adding an addition to your home.

You’ve grown comfortable in your cosy home, and you live in a great location. Your neighbors have become the friends you love. They’re easygoing and friendly and their dog doesn’t bark at night. You’re close to work and to good schools. Life is good and all is well until…

  • Junior needs to come back home to live while he looks for work suited to his college degree and begins to save for a place of his own.
  • The doctor confirms the good news of an unexpected bundle of joy.
  • Mom can’t live on her own any longer.

When you need residential expansion, Smart Creationz Remodeling can make your existing home larger and more functional by adding an addition. From architectural design to pouring the footers to the rough in to the plumbing and electrical to the finishing touches, Smart Creationz can turn your existing home into your spacious dream home.

Stay close to the friends you love while enjoying a larger more useful home.

Accommodate your new arrival or your boomerang child. Build for those in-laws or parents who may need your continual care. How about that sun room you always wanted with beautiful tile floors? or that new office for your home business which in “some cases” may be a tax write off? Get what you want! Whether you need custom cabinetry, special windows or flooring to get just the look and function you desire, we do it all.

Consider financing. Equity lines of credit will often pay for remodeling or home improvements, but not for the purchase of a new home. And if your home is paid off, you don’t have to go through the selling or mortgaging process to get what you want.

At Smart Creationz, we are meticulous professionals known for our skill and craftsmanship. Contact us today with your questions. We look forward to helping you with your projects.